Rimed Ltd. is a manufacturer of transcranial Doppler systems. 
These systems are easy to use, non-invasive bed-side medical ultrasonic devices. These system measure non-invasively the blood flow velocity in the main arteries in the brain.

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Rimed Transcranial doppler systems video
Transcranial Doppler for Neurosurgery
Transcranial Doppler Monitoring

News & Events

November 2015 - MEDICA:


Thank you for visiting our booth at MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf. 
We hope you enjoyed our company and discovered the potential of Rimed Inc.

January 2016 - ASN Annual Meeting:


Thank you for visiting us at the ASN Annual meeting Neuroimaging for Clinicians (by Cliniciants) that will take place at Orlando, Florida at January 14-17, 2016.


February 2016 - International Stroke Conference:


Rimed will participate in the upcoming in the upcoming International Stroke Conference that will take place in Convention center, Los Angeles, United States,  between the dates 17-19 February, 2016.


Follow us on YouTube:

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You are welcome to follow the new Channel of Rimed on YouTube, which will present clinical applications, instructions and more